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    Hostaria de’ Pastini is a historic Roman restaurant located in the heart of the capital, just a stone’s throw from the renowned Pantheon and near both Piazza Navona and the Trevi Fountain.
    Thanks to its truly impressive location, as well as the typical Roman dishes on offer, the restaurant attracts a great many tourists in search of somewhere to enjoy the delights of classic Roman cuisine.

    The Restaurant Hostaria de’ Pastini has ancient origins, and was partly built around what was originally a stable and a convent. The building dates all the way back to the 15th century, and the restoration works were carefully carried out so as to preserve the venue’s ancient beauty without disturbing its particular ambience.

    As soon as you step into the Hostaria de’ Pastini, you are greeted by an atmosphere of tradition and antiquity, but at the same time internationality. The owner, Antonella – along with her husband and three daughters – never stops pouring passion and love into her family-run restaurant, which has now been around for over thirty years. The restaurant started life as a simple sandwich bar, one of the first in the whole country. The experiment proved to be a great success for Antonella and her husband, so much so that they sought to expand the place, making it the restaurant that now stands proudly on via de’ Pastini.


    The many tourists looking for somewhere to eat in the heart of Rome, amongst its ancient beauties, always choose Hostaria de’ Pastini above all others.
    The two interior dining rooms seat up to 100 – one seating 60, the other 40 – with space for another 20 to dine al fresco on via de’ Pastini, on a splendid terrace with the authentic atmosphere of Rome in the air.
    The menu honours the bastions of typical Roman cuisine: tonnarelli cacio e pepe, pasta all’amatriciana, pasta alla carbonara, oxtail stew and many other traditional dishes. There is something for everyone, as the dishes on offer are both varied and cooked to perfection, with fish and meat, but also delicious pizzas. Anyone looking for the very finest freshly handmade pasta in Rome is sure to be satisfied.
    The owner pays careful attention to her choice of raw materials, which are locally-sourced from the Roman countryside just outside the city. The same attention is given to the selection of wines, which are sourced exclusively from Italian vineyards. As such, the menu changes according to the season, meaning that we will only serve the best of what the land and sea have to offer.
    One of the restaurant’s great strengths is that dishes can be customised as they are all prepared to order, meaning that every single guest can find something on the menu to suit their tastes.Hostaria de’ Pastini prides itself on its welcoming atmosphere, which is typical of Roman culture. Diners step into a truly familial atmosphere, with service and loving attention to detail to make them feel at home. The restaurant is well-loved both by locals and by the many tourists from all corners of the world who pass through our great city.

    We also host live music nights in which artists and musicians perform typical Roman songs, taking guests on a journey to another era, full of classical charm.
    Hostaria de’ Pastini is a place where tradition, love of our country and an eye fixed firmly on the future seamlessly blend into one fantastic dining experience like no other.
    Hostaria de’ Pastini has cemented itself as a historic landmark where guests can enjoy good food and feel at home.